miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2010

What would you say to me?. If I told you I had a dream. If I told you everything. Would you tell me to go back to sleep?. Take a look in these tired eyes, they're coming back to life. I know I can change, got hope in my veins. I tell you I ain't going back to the pain. Can I be happy now? Can I let my breath out? Let me believe, I'm building a dream. Don't try to drag me down. I just wanna scream out loud. Can I be happy now?. Went down on my knees, I learned how to bleed. I'm turning my world around. Can I be happy now?. Can I break free somehow?. I just wanna live again. Love again. Take my pride of the ground. I'm ready to pick a fight, crawl out of the dark to shine a light. I ain't throwing stones, got sins of my own, and everybody just trying to find their way home.

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