lunes, 22 de febrero de 2010

Was it all in real time or was it just in my mind? Or was I just a ghost passing through you?. Clinging to the wreckage until I got the message hanging at the edge of the room. Give me something to dream. Give me half of your bitterest pill. Something from under the surface. You actually feel. We say these words again and again, but they still sound the same. It was in your eyes. They were just easy lies. The lightest words are heavy and promises are easy. And no one's ever happy or sad for very long but just because I said it. It doesn't mean, I meant it. I guess that was the way all along. I'm just shaping the sound. I'm just turning the syllables round. Dipping my toe in the water and watching you drown. We said when you are alone and afraid?I will come to your aid. Was it just a dream, just a dream or was it real to me?

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